About us

This blog has been set up to record our experiences of a youth exchange to China organised by West Sussex Youth Service and the Shandong Youth Federation. To see who we are have a look at our early posts and then join us here to follow our progress as we tour Beijing and the Shandong Province.

Hope you enjoy


6 responses to “About us

  1. Great to see this blog and have a great time in China 🙂

    MediaSnackers Founder

  2. Well, I know you`re all there now, looking forward to following your adventure, have a great time.

  3. hey 😀

    hope your all having fun in China

    miss you josh


  4. Hi everyone great to see the pictures of you at the WAll and read about your adventures. I’m really interested to hear how the experience of living with a Chinese family was, what surprised you and what was the same as your home life.

    Look forward to reading the next bits.


  5. hi tom
    trust you enjoying and eating loads of odd stuff
    did you see the james b0nd premier?

    Hi – looking forward to hearing all about the trip. Have to learnt to cook any Chinese food – JEG

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